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Why a Roofing Contractor in Reisterstown (21136 ZIP Code) Should Offer a Full Tear Off

If you’re talking with a roofing contractor in Reisterstown (21136 ZIP code) that isn’t offering you a full tearoff, beware. Learn why adding new materials atop old ones can lead to catastrophic leaks. 

As any roofing company in Reisterstown (21136 ZIP code) knows, this is a tough place for roofing. Maryland’s wintertime storms and summertime sun conspire to undo the hard work we put into each project.

But we’ve noticed that some roofers in our area are taking a shortcut we deem dangerous. 

Per Maryland building code (which you can read for yourself), multiple roofing layers are acceptable. But adding new shingles to old comes with risks you may be unaware of. 

These are three reasons why we think all roofers should offer you a complete tear off before installing new. 

  1. Waves Cause Leaks.

That Maryland summer sun we mentioned can cause subtle cracking in roof shingles. The adhesives and caulks we use can melt and warp too. These issues can prompt you to get a new roof.

But if you put new shingles over the old, the warps and ripples will appear in your new roof. And each one offers an opportunity to collect water and spring leaks. 

  1. Prior Leaks Add Weaknesses. 

For many families, a leak prompts a new roof. Your old version may have failed due to:

  • Missing shingles.
  • Worn caulking. 
  • Storm damage. 
  • Poor materials. 

Cover up those problems with new roofing, and you could face another repair bill. Your roof is weaker in some spaces than others, and indents and ripples from missing pieces could lead to leaks. 

  1. Nails Need to Grab Hold.

When we install your new roof, we use nails to pound it into the substrate. If you have another layer or two of roofing in the way, our nails may not get enough purchase. Your new shingles could blow away when the next gust of wind appears. 

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