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Pros & Cons for White Roof Shingles

Roof trends come and go, but cool roofs, or roofs done with white shingles, are growing in popularity and appear to be here to stay.

There are lots of benefits to installing a white shingle roof on your home, but there are some considerations to keep in mind as well. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a White Shingles Roof?

White asphalt shingles, also called a cool roof, reflect heat because the shingles are treated or painted with a reflective coating.

The benefit of this is that the coating reflects UV rays, lowering the amount of thermal heat absorbed by roofing materials. This, in turn, helps to decrease the cost of cooling the home during the summer months. It can drastically cut energy costs by up to 30 percent depending on the temperatures in the area.

Are There Any Drawbacks to White Shingle Roofs?

If you live in a cooler area, white shingle roofs may actually increase your gas bill when it comes to heating your home during the winter.

There is also a question about how environmentally friendly white shingle roofs actually are in the big picture. The issue is that greater reflectivity on roofs can mean an increase in the sun exposure to the city as a whole because there is less moisture evaporating into the air and cloud coverage is reduced as a result.

Ultimately, that adds up to less rain and a greater risk of drought conditions, which can have a detrimental effect on the environment as a whole. Many people say this outweighs the benefits of a lower energy bill during the summer months.

Can I Upgrade My Current Roof to White Shingles?

It depends on the roofing materials that have been used in your roof. If you have a solid roof made of asphalt shingles, and there is no damage or wear to these shingles, they can be treated with a reflective coating.

However, if you have other roofing materials on your roof and want white asphalt shingles, you may need to replace the roof or choose a different option to get some of the cooling benefits. Check with us at Four Seasons Roofing to see if it’s possible to apply a polymer, acrylic, or silicone paint to your current roof.

Should I Get a White Roof?

Depending on the specifics of your roof (such as how old your current roof is and if replacement is necessary, the materials you’re currently using, tree coverage, and temperatures in your area), a white shingle roof or treating a roof so it has a UV reflective coating may or may not be worth the investment.

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