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When Snow Hits Maryland, Your Flat Roof Is at Risk

Every winter, Maryland is hit with severe storms. If you have a flat roof, the snow’s weight could cause catastrophic damage. Find out how inspections work.

We’re accustomed to inclement weather here in Maryland. But sometimes, nature gives us a little more than we can handle. That’s especially true if we have flat roofs.

Consider February of 2021. In just a few days, some parts of our state were hit with more than 20 inches of snow.

At Four Seasons Roofing, we’re adept at handling roofing issues, whether you have a pitched or flat version. Here’s what we tell our clients when they worry.
Our Best MD Flat-Roof Inspection

Without a steep pitch, your roof can’t use gravity to dump snow to the ground. Collapse isn’t imminent, although this is what most of our customers worry about.

But leaks can certainly appear.

During our best MD flat-roof inspection, we check:

  • Collection. Does one spot on the flat roof have more snow than others? That could indicate a dip or depression we should fix.
  • Drainage. Is water moving from the roof and into gutters as it melts? Or is it pooling on surfaces on the roof?
  • Structure. How does your roof look from the underside? Are cracks and dips appearing?
  • water moving into your home? Are mold colonies growing?
  • Build. How old is your flat roof? Have you been through repairs recently?

Plenty of steps are needed here, and we will need access to both the outside and the inside of your home to do the job right.

Choose Four Seasons Roofing

At Four Seasons Roofing, we offer a thorough check of your roof. When we’re done, you can rest and relax, knowing that your home is in very good hands.

Our staff is seasoned and experienced, so we know just what to look for when we’re assessing your roof. We might spot teeny, tiny problems you’ve never noticed before. And we can repair them before they become big enough to catch your eye.

If you’re hoping for a professional team ready to work right now, choose us. We’re here to help.

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