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When Can a Pikesville (21208) Roofer Add Value to Your House?

Any roofer in Pikesville (21208 ZIP code) knows that repairs can help sellers get the price they deserve as they sell heir home. Find out why skipping work with a roofer could cost you. 

You’re planning to sell your home. Do you need a roofer in Pikesville? 21208 is an extremely competitive market, and it can be tempting to repair roof problems rather than investing in a replacement. 

But skipping this step could cost you. In fact, as you prepare to sign sale paperwork, you might regret that you didn’t work with a roofing professional. 

Let us explain. 

Understand Your Real Estate Market 

Per stats from Redfin, the 21208 ZIP code is a hot market. Houses sell for close to $270,000. And it’s not uncommon for houses to sell in as little as two days, as buyers scramble to find homes they love. 

A market like this comes with a few risks. 

If your home sits without offers for a week or two, prospective buyers may sense that something isn’t quite right. Why hasn’t another family snapped it up? What has turned others away from this purchase? 

If most houses in your market sell quickly, yours must do the same. The taint of failure can stick to your home and chase potential buyers away. 

Your Old Roof Can Harm You

Buyers balk for all sorts of reasons. Just ask your roofer. Pikesville (21208 ZIP, in case you weren’t sure) is filled with people who look right at the roof when they’re shopping for a new home. 

Zillow reminds sellers that an old roof can result in:

  • Fewer offers. People may move onto the next house before testing the waters with a bid. 
  • Long wait times. Your home may not fly into the sold column as quickly as one with a firm roof. 
  • Reduced profits. Buyers may subtract their perceived repair costs from your bids. That decision could cost you a lot of money. 

Don’t take risks like this. Consider us your roofer. Pikesville (21208) is well within our service area, and we’d love to examine your roof and provide you with an estimate for repair or replacement. Let’s get your home sold! 

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