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What Time of Year Is Busiest for Roofing Contractors in Baltimore?

Some bloggers encourage homeowners to schedule projects during the off-season. Let us explain when you should hire roofing contractors in Baltimore and how the weather impacts our quality. 

You’re pulling together a household budget, and you know you should have a line item for roof contractors. Baltimore is a busy market for roofers, and chances are, you can find someone to do the work all year round.

But know this: The season you choose has a big impact on the work we can do and the quality we can deliver. 

Don’t listen to bloggers who tell you to schedule in the off-season to save a bit of money. Pick the wrong time of year, and you could pay more in time. 

Summertime Risks for Roofing Contractors in Baltimore 

When temperatures rise, working conditions become hazardous. Crews exposed to blazing sun from above can quickly become dehydrated, and black roofs radiate yet more heat from below. 

Reputable companies put the safety of crews first. Some summertime days are just too dangerous for the work. 

And some roofing materials are hard to handle when they’re hot. The sealants we use, for example, become very viscous in the heat, and they can slide away without adhering and blocking gaps. 

Wintertime Makes Roofing Tough 

Baltimore’s icy winters make many roofing projects impossible. No crew can protect your home when precipitation is falling. 

But winter can also be hard on our materials. They can grow brittle in the extreme cold, and that means crews can’t lay them down flat. A buckled roof is unsightly, and it can gap and let moisture in too. 

So, When Is the Best Time? 

Ideally, you’ll work with contractors when temperatures are between about 45 degrees and about 80 degrees. In Baltimore, that means your job should happen in the fall. 

This sweet spot allows us to protect our workers while delivering a quality product that you deserve. If you’re looking for a rough estimate of when it’s best to schedule, think fall. 

At Four Seasons Roofing, we’re happy to help with any roofing emergency, no matter when it happens. If you can’t wait for fall, we’ll be there to help. But for those with planning ahead of them, we hope these notes are useful. 

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