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What Is Flashing on a Roof?

Upgrading your roof requires familiarity with some of the different materials used for the process. It’s not just roof shingles you need to consider.

What Is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is placed on the roof where it connects with the chimney or walls. It’s also placed in the valleys of the roof in order to protect these areas from water.

Roof flashing is a critical roofing material in terms of function, but it can also flatter the overall look of your home.

What Types of Roof Flashing Are Recommended?

The most common types of roof flashing are aluminum, steel, and copper. Copper is a bit pricier, but it stands up well over time and has a unique look.

In general, steel is the most common choice because it is a strong material and holds up to weather.

When Do I Need New Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing may not be replaced automatically when you replace your roof if it is not rusted or in need of repair. However, if you are upgrading your roof shingles to a dimensional asphalt shingle or changing the color of your roof, you will need to replace the roof flashing as well.

In many cases, roof flashing can be painted, if needed, to match the roof shingles. Together, the flashing and shingles can complement the exterior siding color of the home.

  • For red siding: Choose dark roof shingles and flashing, such as black, dark gray, or brown.
  • For white siding: Opt for almost any dark color roof shingle and flashing, such as red, blue, green, or black.
  • For light gray or brown siding: Go for a contrasting roof shingle and flashing, such as dark gray, black, or another dark color.
  • For dark gray or brown siding: Consider a lighter roof shingle and roof flashing, like white, tan, or light gray.
  • For blue siding: Opt for a neutral contrasting roof shingle and flashing, like black, gray, white, or brown.

In other cases, the roof flashing may be painted to match the trim of the house.

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