What Is a Roof Certification Inspection?

A roof inspection report contains critical information about the state of your roof. Banks typically require these documents before issuing home loans. And if you’re hoping to sell a home without doing repairs, a roof inspection can help protect you from lawsuits after the sale.

Let’s dig into what roof inspections do, and we’ll explain what’s included in a typical report too.

What Is a Roof Inspection Report?

Inspections play an important role in any real estate transaction. Experts inspect the property and tell buyers and sellers about current problems and potential future issues.

A roof inspection is separate from a home inspection. Licensed roofers are qualified to assess a roof’s quality and make predictions about performance. A general home inspector can’t do this work.

A completed report contains details about:

  • Current construction. Your contractor outlines the materials used on the roof right now. The report also typically includes the date of installation as well as repair dates.
  • Needed repairs. Missing shingles, cracked tiles, chipped drains, blocked downspouts, and other problems are all listed.
  • Future life. Your contractor makes a replacement estimate, so the buyer knows when a new roof will probably be needed.

Most roof inspection reports are just a few pages long, but they contain an amazing amount of detail.

Who Needs a Roof Inspection Report?

Almost every real estate transaction benefits from a roof inspection.

Consider Baltimore. The real estate market is hot, and houses are spending just seven days on the market in 2021. In a market like this, buyers lock down deals as quickly as they can without returning to visit the house over and over before putting in an offer. A roof inspection performed when the house is in contract protects these buyers.

Some potential homeowners try to sweeten their offers by skipping inspections. They could incur thousands in costs just a few weeks or months later when problems appear. It’s always wise to know about the potential problems you face so you can prepare.

Your Roof Inspection Experts

We have a team prepared to handle your roof inspection. Certification (Baltimore requires this) ensures that we know what we’re doing and are qualified to provide you with the help you need to protect your transaction.

Our roof inspection team is fast, courteous, and thorough. We’ll spot problems quickly, and we have a group ready to fix any needed issues before the sale goes through. We’d love to help you. Contact us to get started.

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