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Useful Tip 3: How To Clean Gutters

Taking care of your homes gutters will save you thousands in repairs, especially after inclimate weather. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. up to 4 times a year of your area is prone to extreme seasons. Leaves,mud, and all other debris can prove to costly if not cleaned out regularly. So how do you properly clean your homesg gutters?  All you will need a pair of rubber gloves and a ladder! Prepare a small scoop and a plastic tarp to contain any debris and protect your lawn. When gutters are free of leaves, or build up of any kind, flush them out with water(standard water hose is perfect!) While flushing be sure to check for cracks or leaks. If you notice a leak or crack, even if it appears small and harmless, call Four Seasons Roofing right away!

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