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What Is a Square in Roofing?

One of the first and most critical pieces of information contributing to the calculation of cost of a roof replacement is the roof square footage.

Sometimes called a roofing square or all square roofing, finding out how much square footage will need to be covered will let you and your contractor know roughly how much of each supply will be needed and how long it will take to install.

Here’s how you calculate the roof square footage for your home or building.

What Is a Roofing Square?

A roofing square is a 10×10 area that adds up to 100 square feet of the surface of the roof. That is, 100 square feet of roof equals one roofing square.

In most cases, it will take about three bundles of shingles to fill a roofing square in addition to the other materials required (e.g., decking, flashing, or underlayment).

The more roofing squares you have, the more materials needed, the more hours of labor required, and the higher the cost of your roof replacement.

How to Calculate the Square Footage of Your Roof

The most accurate way to calculate your roofing square number is to hire a professional to come do it for you, but you can estimate in advance in just a few simple steps.

  1. Find out the footprint of your home. Measure the length and width of a single story or the upstairs, if two stories. Multiply those two numbers to get an estimated footprint of your home.
  2. Notice slopes, peaks, and other added areas in your roof. Unless you have a flat roof, you will need more roofing materials than just the basic footprint of your home. Depending on the complexity of design, you may want to multiply your home footprint number by 1.3 to 1.6.
  3. Double check your formula. Remember that the length of the home times the width of the home equals the home footprint. Your home footprint times 1.3-1.6 equals the square footage of the roof.

This won’t be a perfect number, but it’s a good estimate to start the project.

Four Seasons Roofing Is Here to Help

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