Brown asphalt shingled roof and ridgeline of garage

What Is the Ridgeline of a Roof?

A roof ridge is essentially the peak of a roof, the seam at which two sections of the roof meet, but the term can also be applied to the board or beam that the ridge is made from.

This section of the roof is vulnerable to damage caused by weather. It is the highest point of the roof. Any problems with cracked or missing shingles can mean mold, flooding, or moisture in the house since the seams where roof sections come together are vulnerable to leaks if they aren’t protected.

If your roof ridgeline requires repair or replacement, call Four Seasons Roofing for an assessment now.

What Is a Roof Ridgeline?

A roof ridgeline is the highest point of a roof, the top point of the triangle where two slopes of the roof connect. This is generally covered by shingles and/or other roofing materials. Because it covers the seam where roof sections meet, it is critical to the integrity of the roof.

What Is the Purpose of a Ridgeline Roof Vent?

A ridgeline roof vent is exactly what it sounds like: an air vent that is installed on the ridge of a roof or on the roof’s peak.

Its purpose is to provide ventilation to the attic, allowing for a release of warm, humid air that would otherwise be trapped and contribute to the development of mold, mildew, warping, and other issues. Especially for those who live in an area that has a hot and humid season, a ridgeline roof vent is a must.

Do I Need to Install a Ridgeline Roof Vent?

Yes. There are few areas of the country that are not touched by heat and humidity at some point in the year. People in the Baltimore, Maryland, area definitely need to protect their homes from Maryland summer weather.

Installing a roof vent along the ridge of the roof will immediately allow for much needed ventilation in the attic. While it will not reverse any damage already done, it could slow the progression of problems and/or stop new ones from starting.

How Urgent Is the Need to Repair the Ridgeline of a Roof?

If there is damage to either the shingles or roof materials protecting the ridgeline of your roof or to the ridge itself, contact a professional roofer like Four Seasons Roofing to check it out as soon as possible. If you can see light coming through the roof while you are standing in the attic, it is important to take action immediately.

Ridgeline Roof Installation by Four Seasons Roofing

Whether you need an assessment of the state of your roof after a storm, you would like to install a roof ridge vent, or you need to have the ridge of your roof repaired, we can help. Call Four Seasons Roofing today.

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