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Roof Repair or Replace Ask These 3 Questions

A contractor can help you understand if a roof repair is best or if you should opt for a full replacement. But while you wait for an assessment, ask yourself three important questions.

Should you replace or repair your roof? An expert, including those we have on staff at Four Seasons Roofing, can perform a complete inspection and help you make a wise decision.

Here are three questions to ask yourself as you wait for your inspection date:
1. How Widespread Is the Damage?

In terms of roof repair, Baltimore experiences a surge during storm season. Strong winds and heavy rains can pull off shingles and strip away protections. Sometimes, our clients are missing just a few pieces within one tiny spot on their roof.

But if you look up at your roof and see plenty of damage, it might be wise to consider a complete replacement. A patchwork quilt of repairs could leave behind unaddressed areas that let the water in during the next storm.
2. Have You Replaced Your Roof Recently?

A typical roof lasts for about 20 years. If yours is older, you might have damage that you haven’t seen yet, but it’s waiting to surprise you.

Common issues in older roofs include:

Peeled or buckled shingles.
Missing or rusted flashing.
Hail damage.
Full or damaged gutters.

Sometimes, it’s best to move past repair and onto replacement.
3. How Big Is Your Roof Repair Budget?

You may have money stashed away to cover household expenses. But how much you can expect to pay can vary, depending on plenty of factors you can’t control.

Your bill could be higher if you have:

Many penetrations. Houses with many chimneys and vents require plenty of flashing. That increases your costs.
Flat construction. A flat roof repair, even in Baltimore, can cost more than a standard version. Flat roofs are prone to puddles and leaking, and teams must work slowly to ensure that the work is done properly.
Historical details. If your house is filled with turrets, peaks, and other items of architectural interest, your team must take their time to ensure that your house retains its character.

At Four Seasons Roofing, we’ll give you a thorough estimate. That way, you’ll know whether replacement or repair is right for you. Contact us to find out more.

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