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What Should Roof Replacement Companies Be Telling You?

First of all, a roof replacement company should also let you know that repair is an option – if indeed it is. A good company will want what’s best for you, and will help you obtain the information to make the best decision.

Even if they offer roof replacement, the company should offer to inspect your roof and provide a comprehensive list of issues with the roof and then check with you on any you have observed like leaks or discoloration inside. Items like ventilation can also be discussed at this point. The roof company should also learn from you how old the roof is, the terms of the existing warranty, and how long you plan to be in the home. If you’re planning to sell soon, a new roof can certainly add to the curb appeal and general desirability of your home, although you may not be able to recoup the entire cost of the roof with an increase in the asking price, you will certainly capture most of it, and your home may sell faster because of increased desirability.

They should also let you know that roof repair and roof replacement are both very noisy, especially if shingles are being replaced or put on, so if you decide to proceed with either, you’ll need to plan for that as far as activities and pets are concerned. Dogs may get over it quickly and can be reassured if you’re there during it, but an indoor/outdoor cat may get spooked and disappear for a while. It may be better to send them to a pet daycare or have a friend watch them during that time.

What about the cleanup? You should insist on a visual inspection of the roof, attic and the surrounding area yourself before making the final payment for your repair or replacement to the roof company. Just because the roof work itself is done doesn’t mean the job is complete. If the cleanup isn’t done properly there could be nails in the yard, debris in your shrubs, and flat tires waiting to happen. Many times, people forget that the attic is involved as well. If the roof repair/replacement company you hire doesn’t lay down plastic or a tarp over everything in your attic, there will be debris all over your holiday decorations and anything else valuable you have stored up there.

On roof repair, you should be made aware that it can be very hard to match the color of shingles sometimes, as the existing ones have probably faded and the new ones will appear different. Depending on the problem areas, this could be a reason to decide in favor of a roof replacement if there are additional factors that are leaning in this direction.

Of course, the roof repair/replacement company you’re considering should share with you their information regarding being licensed, bonded and insured. 

After all, your roof is what is protecting you, your family and your valuables. Your roof is the most important component of your home.