Total Protection Roofing System™
Four Seasons Roofing is proud to be an Owens Corning® Roofing Preferred Contractor. With that distinction directly from Owens Corning, we are able to offer the best shingles on the market for your roof, along with the Owens Corning limited warranties on labor and materials. Owens Corning® provides a wide variety of roof shingle options that meet the highest standards of durability, quality, and appearance. Their primary categories are traditional, architectural, and specialty shingles.

Benefits of Owens Corning® shingles:
  • Strong and durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Extensive warranty
  • A variety of color options
The Total Protection Roofing System™ consists of all the essential Owens Corning® Roofing components and layers that are designed to work together to help with your roof’s performance and durability.
Why choose Owens Corning
SureNail Technology
You could get the best shingles in the world, but if they don’t stay on your roof, they won’t do you a lot of good. That’s why Owens-Corning uses SureNail technology. This nailing line is built into each shingle to give it maximum gripping power. That means your shingles aren’t going anywhere since they’re being held in place by this patented technology.
COOL Roofing Options
If you’re looking for a roof that will help keep your home cool in the summer so you can cut down your energy bills, this is the way to go. Owens-Corning offers their Gray, WhiteSierra, ShellShasta, SilverOyster, and AmberAntique colors with this technology. It includes granules that reflect the sun’s lights, limiting the amount heat that ends up in your home.
Shasta White shingles have a unique property in that they meet the ENERGY STAR requirements for materials that reduce waste. By reflecting a large amount of the sun’s rays away from the home, these shingles help you save the environment and money by greatly reducing the amount of energy you need to keep your home cool in the heat.
Wind resistant
One of the things that does the most damage to roofs is the wind, as it can rip away shingles which can compromise the waterproof quality that a roof is supposed to provide. With Owens-Corning shingles, you can rest assured that the sealant will keep your shingles, especially since they’ll be installed by one of our preferred contractors.
TruDefinition Color Platform
The color of your shingles not only provides aesthetic value to your home. It also reflects your personality and personal style. If you want shingles that stand out and look absolutely incredible, then Owens-Corning is the way to go. Their shingles have shadowing and multiple-granule colors that provide unmatchable depth of color.
Facts about Owens Corning
First in Fiberglass
Owens-Corning is number one in fiberglass for a good reason: they invented it. Fiberglass, which was originally called “glass wool,” was invented by Games Slater while he still worked for Owens-Illinois. This invention earned him the position of vice-president when Owens-Corning was founded as well as a number of other awards and recognitions throughout his life.
Pretty in Pink
Another interesting fact about Owens-Corning is that they were the first company to have patented something by color. They patented pink for their fiberglass insulation, which included the adoption of the Pink Panther as a mascot in 1979. By patenting the color of their product, it ensured that nobody else could mistake their pink insulation for anyone else’s.
Extensive Color Palette
Owens-Corning has 98 different colors to choose from when it comes to their roofing shingles. That means that whether you want a particular shade of black (of which they have 10) or white (of which they have 4), you’ll be sure to find it. It’s the perfect way to let your personality shine through your house as you can select the perfect color for you.
Owens-Corning in Space
In 1963, Owens-Corning worked on a product known as beta yarn. This material was used in making spacesuits for NASA astronauts. They needed something lightweight, durable, and heavily-insulated, and so the government agency turned to Owens-Corning. This material paved the way for the spacesuits that astronauts wore to protect them while in space.
Zero Waste to Landfill
There’s so much commercial waste that fills our landfills and pollutes the earth, but Owens-Corning is working hard to do their part in eliminating the waste that they send to landfills. As a result, they take part in a number of programs so they can find a purpose for anything that they can’t use, including sending animal-enrichment tools to zoos.
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