Attic Blown Instalation

How to Walk in an Attic With Blown Insulation

Chances are, you’ll need to learn how to work in an attic, even if it’s an unfinished space. If you’re tracking a leaking roof, for example, you’ll need to inspect every inch of your attic to determine if water is coming in and where it goes when it arrives.

If you have blown-in insulation, you’ll need to conduct your inspection with care.

What Is Blown-In Insulation?

About 20 percent of homes built in 2019 came with blown-in insulation. Contractors drill small holes in exterior walls, and they use a pump to push tiny particles of insulation into spaces within your home. That same device can push insulation into a thick layer within your attic.

Blown insulation must remain intact as one deep, undisturbed layer. Walking in an attic with blown insulation can mean disturbing your protection. Each step displaces vital materials, and that could leave you shivering when winter comes.

How to Walk in an Attic With Blown Insulation

If you must hop up into your attic, create a plan in advance and follow it carefully.

Try these steps:

  • Identify where you must go. Scout your attic with your eyes before you set foot on the ground. What path will you take?
  • Choose strong joists. Your attic has plenty of cross-pieces. Choose the boards that follow your path.
  • Grab planks. Walk on the joists, and you could stumble. Your foot could go crashing through the ceiling, leaving you with a huge mess to clean up. Balance boards over the joists instead.
  • Inspect your work. As you walk back to your starting position, look down. If you’ve disturbed the insulation, push it back into position.

If you’re hiring contractors to help you with the work, ensure they know how to walk in an attic with blown insulation. If the team isn’t prepared to follow the steps we’ve outlined, you might need to keep looking for help.

At Four Seasons Roofing, we know how to work in an attic. As part of our service, we climb up in these tight spaces every day. You can trust us to do a good job. Contact us for a roofing or roofing repair quote.

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