Leaky Gutters

How to Repair Leaky Gutters

You walk out of your home, and a stream of icy-cold water meets you. It’s time to tackle leaky gutters repair.

For handy people, this is a simple DIY project that requires few tools, a bit of time, and patience. But sometimes, leaky gutters repair is complex or simply impossible.

We’ll walk you through the project.

Step 1: Assess the Area

You may not need to repair leaky rain gutters at all. Water you think stems from a leak could come from a jam instead.

When your gutters fill with debris, water has nowhere to go but up and out. A large flow of rainwater meeting a block of leaves can spill over the sides and onto the ground.

Climb up and take a good look. If you spot a jam, removing it could solve your issue.

Step 2: Clean & Dry

A tidy work surface is a crucial part of any repair job. Scrape out any needles, leaves, or dirt. Use shop cloths to wipe out any remaining mold and grime. And let the spot air-dry in the sunshine.

Step 3: Repair Leaky Gutters With Sealants

Companies like Loctite offer sealants that bond to gutter material and form a waterproof barrier.

To apply a sealant like this, you will:

  • Identify. Spot the pinhole allowing water to escape.
  • Press. Force the sealant into the spot.
  • Clamp. If the leak originates in the joint between two gutter pieces, connect them as they dry.
  • Wait. Sealants need about 24 hours to cure.

Sealants work best on small holes that result in drips. If you’re seeing a significant rush of water, you may need an advanced approach.

Step 4: Apply a Patch

If sealants fail, it’s time to create a temporary plug to keep the water inside your gutters.

Repair leaky aluminum gutters with tiny pieces of aluminum. Plastic gutters need more plastic. The closer you can match the patch, the better.

Slide the patch over the hole, and keep it in place with sealant. You could see the leak stop as soon as the material cures.

If these steps don’t help, contact us for an estimate. We’re happy to tackle any gutter repair or replacement job.

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