Measure for Siding Installation

How to Measure for Siding Installation

Siding installation contractors typically measure your home and provide a detailed estimate before the project begins.

But if you’re doing the project yourself — or you want a rough cost estimate as you prepare a budget — you must learn how to perform measurements yourself.

We’ll walk you through two methods. Both involve online calculators, so you’ll have less math to perform.

Siding Installation Method 1

Our first estimation model for siding installation projects comes from Lowes. The DIY giant has a calculator that makes purchasing decisions easy, but you’ll need to take plenty of steps to make it work.

The Lowes model involves:

  • Sketching. You’ll need an exact model of your home to record your data.
  • Side measurements. You need the height and width of each wall of the exterior of your house.
  • Additional measurements. Dormers, gables, and other architectural elements you didn’t measure before get your attention now.
  • Perforations. Siding won’t cover doors and windows. Measure them too.
  • Math. Subtract the surface area from the perforations.
  • Purchasing. Siding comes in 100-square-foot sections. You’ll determine how many you need.

Follow this plan online, and the system will do some calculations for you.

Siding Installation Method 2

Our second model comes from a calculation site. If math makes you nervous and you want to automate, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This model involves:

  • Walls. Measure each exterior wall separately, and include windows and doors in each calculation.
  • Gables. Measure the height and width of each gable, and add in windows and doors as applicable.

After you’ve submitted all measurements, hit “calculate” for your purchase estimate.

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