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How to Find the Best Roofers in Maryland

The best roofers in Maryland aren’t hard to find. Learn how reading reviews, assessing bids, and visiting examples can help you make a smart choice.

Finding the best roofers in Maryland means doing a bit of homework. Your roofers will work on the most delicate and important part of your home, and it pays to choose them with care.

Here are three steps to take as you start your search.
1. Read the Reviews

Close to 90 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses in 2020. Think of each note as an honest opinion from a former customer.

As you scan the reviews, look for:

Dates. Recent reviews will tell you the most about the work being done by the company.
Details. What did customers enjoy about the roofers? What made each company stand out?
Responses. Does the company write back to unhappy customers and offer to make things right?

Reviews can work as a first pass in the selection process. When you’re done scanning notes, you might have a handful of companies to consider.
2. Assess the Bids

Ask your top competitors to come to your house, examine your roof, and provide you with an estimate of the work.

Aim for three or four bids, so you’ll have a comprehensive pool of competitors. Each bid should include details about:

Materials to be used

Your eye will be drawn to the cost, and that’s natural. But remember that the cheapest help isn’t always the best.

For example, the best Baltimore flat roofers may cost more than their cheaper counterparts because they take more quality control steps to prevent leaks. That could save you money in the long run.
3. Ask for Proof

The best roofers in Maryland can’t wait to show off their work. These experts will give you a list of completed projects, so you can drive around and see the work first-hand. Don’t skip these visits. They can tell you a lot.
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