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How Long Is Too Long to Wait for a Roof?

Some roofing projects can wait for a year or two. Others stem from emergency situations, and they must be fixed right away. Learn how to assess the severity of your problem.

If you work with a reputable contractor using high-quality materials, a wood-shake roof should last about 30 years. Homeowners with 25 years on their homes don’t have room to rest or relax, however.

Roofing companies in Baltimore County, just like ours, often mers trying to make their roofs last just one or two years longer. On the flip side, we sometimes meet people who don’t want to wait even one more day for new materials to be applied.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Any roofing contractor will tell you that the answers depend on the home and the area. But here’s what we say to our clients.

3 Signs That Your Roof Won’t Last

Sometimes, you simply must find a roofing contractor. Reisterstown residents facing a few simple symptoms should be looking for immediate help.

Those roofing symptoms involve:

  • Storm damage. If you’ve endured plenty of windstorms, snowstorms, and hail, your roof may be dotted with tiny tears that let the water in.
  • Major leaks. If you have buckets filled to the rim with water, you need more than a patch job.
  • Endless maintenance. First, the flashing fell off. Then, the seals around the penetrations melted away. Then, shingles disappeared. So many issues all at once signal the need for a bigger response.

Our roofing contractors in Pikesville, MD, would be happy to inspect your roof and tell you if you meet these conditions.

Should You Pick the Quickest Contractor?

Sometimes, roofing companies in Baltimore County attempt to get your business through their speed. They offer to get to work right away, as long as you pay with cash.

Be savvy with your money, and avoid scams. Even if you’re worried about your home and your roof, take the time to investigate and vet each contractor who can work on your home. This is a big decision, and it pays to be thorough.

And know that some of the best roofing contractors do have full lists and may need you to wait a week or two.

If you’re searching for a roofing contractor, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us.

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