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Gutters Installation in Baltimore or DIY? Which Is Better?

You’re about to schedule gutters installation. Baltimore homes like yours use these systems to keep rainwater away from sensitive structures like basements.

But a part of you wonders: Can’t I just do the job myself?

About 70 percent of Americans prefer to handle home improvements on their own, without the help of a contractor. If you’re one of them, read on to find out why working with a professional is best.

Mistakes You’ll Avoid When You Choose Gutters Installation in Baltimore

Why should you work with a professional? These are three very common mistakes DIY homeowners make when installing their own systems:

  1. Choosing the wrong gutter size: Baltimore gets more than 4.5 inches of rainfall in July alone. Choose a narrow, shallow system, and you’ll experience spillage that can seep right into your basement.
  2. Neglecting good gutter design: No gutter should run straight across from one side to the other. You’ll need a slow but steady decline to the downspout. Otherwise, the water will pool instead of moving.
  3. Breaking items to install them: Gutters are stiff and sturdy, and they can crack or warp with manhandling. Break a panel or two, and you could need gutters repair. Randallstown (21133 ZIP code) residents have been through this many times, and they all say they wish they’d use a professional instead.

Any or all of these issues can be hard on your pocketbook. They can also be hard on your ego.

Save Time & Hassle With Gutters Installation in Baltimore

Your home is too important to leave to chance. While gutters might look simple, and installation might seem easy, it’s delicate work best left to professionals.

At Four Seasons Roofing, we handle both installation and repair jobs. Our teams are quick, courteous, and clean. We offer free estimates too, so you’ll know just what your project will cost. Contact us today.

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