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Four Seasons Roofing is your best option for all your roofing needs, including flat roof installation, repair, roof leaks, and any residential flat roofing concerns. (Need info on Commercial Flat Roofs? Click here)
We have completed repairs and installations on hundreds of flat roofs, making us arguably the most experienced flat roofing company in Baltimore. We service homeowners throughout Maryland who are looking for flat roofs, something we consider one of our many specialties (flat roofing projects are a large percentage of our business throughout Maryland).
A flat roof is a unique and efficient architectural design that requires special care from a licensed and professional roofing company. Many local contractors and handymen sometimes claim to be “jacks of all trades.” However, most times, they’re not, and having an inexperienced contractor doing work on your roof could cause worse problems in the long run and more expenses for the owner.
Our Roof Inspection Specialist will determine the type of service your flat roof will need and what material is best to use. Some flat roofing services are suitable for both residential and commercial roofs while others are best suited for large commercial projects. Each has its own unique set of advantages, which we’ll discuss further down.
Be sure to ask our Roof Inspection Specialist about the full range of treatment options available for your property during your no-hassle consultation.

Flat Roof Installation

If you’re looking to have a flat roof installed on your home, then give us a call today for a no-obligation estimate. There are a number of advantages to having a flat roof, and several materials that we can install. Our experts can recommend or help you decide which of these materials will be best for your home based on your personal preferences and budget. Here are the five most common materials that are used for flat roofs:


Considered to be the “world’s best roof,” this roofing material is custom-made for each roof and is made from single-ply PVC material. It is not only long-lasting, but it also is very low maintenance so you don’t have to worry as much about it compared to other types of flat roofs. They’ve been in the roofing business for 40 years, so you know you can trust them and their results.


If all or part of your roof is a deck, then this is the best choice for you when it comes to flat roofing materials. Duradek is the industry leader when it comes to waterproof decks, including those that also function as roofs, providing you with a great place to relax without worrying about any water coming through to your home.


Available in both white and black to suit your needs and preferences, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber which is popular for several reasons. It is extremely durable so it will last for years to come. It’s also leak-resistant because the rubber expands and contracts with the temperature changes and the adhesive keeps it bound tightly to the roof.


One of the more economical flat roof solutions that’s still durable is thermoplastic olefin (TPO). They are economical because they’re cheaper to install compared to other roofing materials, but also because they are energy-efficient and can therefore save you money on energy bills every month. It also comes in several color options so you can match it to your home.

Torch Down

This type of rubber roofing material is great for Maryland weather because it’s able to expand and contract as needed to keep every crack in your roof sealed tightly. This helps to prevent leaks and potential problems due to leakage. It gets its name from the way it’s installed using torches which is what helps the material seal your roof up tight.
One of the easiest ways to decide is to have our Flat Roof Specialist visit your home to inspect the roof and give you more details based on your unique home needs. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Keeping your flat roof maintained will ensure that it will last for years to come. We can provide you with regular maintenance to make sure small problems are caught and repaired before they become big problems. Flat roof maintenance involves several important steps that will make sure some of the most common flat roof repairs are avoided.
Here are some of the routine maintenance services we perform for flat roofs:


Leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up in gutters and drains, which can prevent water from leaving the roof. This accumulated water can then damage the roof, which is why cleaning flat roofs is such an important part of routine maintenance.

Check for Tree Limbs

If there are tree limbs that are overhanging a flat roof, this puts the structure in danger. Tree limbs can easily break off and fall during storms, strong winds, or heavy snowfall. If these land on your flat roof, they can do some serious damage which can lead to significant and expensive repairs.

Check for Moss

When there is moss and other vegetation growing on your flat roof or even along the edges, this is a bad sign. It indicates that water is not properly draining since there is enough being retained so that plant life can take root and grow.

Check Inside

Part of our maintenance check will involve checking the inside of your home for water damage. If there are any signs of water damage inside the home such as water stains on the ceiling or along walls, this indicates a roof leak that needs to be addressed.

Flat Roof Leak Repair

Roof leak repair is slightly different when it comes to flat roofs. This involves fixing a problem that is found during routine maintenance or a roof inspection. Whenever there is a problem with a flat roof, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. This is because most problems will worsen if left, costing you more money and potentially putting your home and belongings at risk.
Here are three common problems that we perform flat roof leak repair for:


This refers to pools of water that form because there isn’t proper drainage occurring on the flat roof. This could be due to a buildup of debris, general wear and tear, or structural damage which is causing the roof to sag in certain parts.


When a small crack is formed on the roof from any type of damage, water can get into it. When that water then freezes during a Maryland winter, the water expands and makes the crack bigger. As this process repeats itself, a split forms as the crack continues to grow.


This term refers to an event that occurs when air becomes trapped between layers of felt, causing air pockets to form. The air pocket may then break and can then allow water to leak through the roof, making for a dangerous situation for your home and your family.

Flat Roof Inspections

To prevent permanent damage always schedule a check-up in the spring and fall or after harsh weather conditions. These regular check-ups will keep you from costly roof repair so you can continue to enjoy your home or business without the added worry of pricey roofing costs. Just give us a call whenever you want us to come and check if your flat roof needs maintenance or repairs. We’ll provide a flat roof estimate for whichever service you’ll need, and provide as much detailed information as you’d like.

Roofing Experts

Are you ready to install a new flat roof on your home? Are you worried about the current condition of your flat roof? Do you have signs of roof damage that need to be addressed? No matter the issue, Four Seasons Roofing is here to address all of your flat roof concerns!
Our flat roof experts are eager to take care of any problems that you might be having with your flat roof. They will also help you set up an inspection and maintenance plan to make sure that issues are caught as early as possible to save you trouble and money. By catching a problem early, we can solve it before it gets worse.
For a totally hassle-free, obligation-free estimate, give Four Seasons Roofing a call today at (410) 995-7744.

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Customer reviews

I contacted Four Seasons Roofing when I first moved into my home and the skylight was leaking. Called Four Seasons Roofing, Shawn did a thorough exam inside and was prepared w/his ladder and did a through inspection of my roof. He took pictures & showed me the problem areas. Another company I had contacted did not even inspect the roof they looked at the skylight from inside & recommended a complete replacement. Four Season Roofing provided professional service at a reasonable rate & I would not hesitate to use their services again & highly recommend them for your roofing needs.

4 Seasons was, in my opinion, fabulous! They did excellent work with regard to my new roof and gutters. The workers, WORKED, no loafing, very pleasing to me as the one needing their services. All very pleasant and courteous. Ever morning as I leave my house I look up and am so thankful for a job well done. Would I have them back? YES Had a great report' with one of the owners! He resolved any questions I may have had. I highly recommend this company to anyone. I had their sign out front along the road for almost a month, in hopes of good advertising Kudos 4 Seasons

I reached out to Four Seasons Roofing because my roof was 28 years old and needed to be replaced. I met with Shawn initially who was extremely friendly and able to get an estimate quickly. After scheduling my roof replacement, I had some issues with the HOA which took a few weeks, all the while Danielle and Debbie at the office were extremely patient with the entire process! They were able to explain everything to me and answer all the questions I threw at them! On the day of the install, I had the pleasure to work with the PM (Chris) who was equally as professional, friendly and knowledgeable as everyone else I had dealt with already. Their team of installers were excellent! Their workmanship definately showed! At the end of the job, Chris went into detail explaining everything that had been done and showed me before and after pictures. Thanks again to the entire team at Four Seasons! I would highly recommend these folks for your next roofing job!!!

My entire experience was beyond excellent Sonny was the gentlemen who came out initially he was amazing he was patient did a thorough review of what was needed and a clear explanation. He answered all of my questions and was not pushy. I was indecisive so for a few days we went back and forth for the color. I had to get approval from my Home Owners Association. When we decided on the install date the night before they neatly placed some of the supplies under my bushes. Install day they were here and started at the exact time promised. They were polite and the job was complete within 4 hours. Pricing was also good. I highly recommend them. I tell everyone about them.

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Four Seasons. I had my roof replaced due to storm damage. Shawn did a great job in providing a fair estimate, then came back a second time to meet the adjuster, and worked with my insurance company to get my claim approved. Debbie in the office was great to work with regarding all paperwork and approvals. She provided everything quickly, and answered any questions I had. The day of the job Chris and his crew arrived on time, were completely professional, and did a great job. I couldn't believe they finished so fast. When they left, there wasn't a trace of garbage or old roofing material left behind. It was like they were never here. My new roof looks great! I will definitely be using them again for any of my home improvement needs.

Four Seasons Roofing just replaced my entire roof. The crew did a great job on a complex steep roof. Chris Harting, the crew leader, did an excellent job communicating all the phases of the project and was at the site 100% of the time. I'm 100% satisfied with how the project was handled from start to finish. The new roof looks great and everything was cleaned up well afterwards.

We had to have our roof replaced as a result of wind damage. Apparently, the roofs in my community were not built with the best-quality tiles. Several of my neighbors had used Four Season and recommended them highly. Before we called them, we read on-line reviews that held them in high regard. Our experience was VERY POSITIVE. Shawn, the consultant, came out for the initial visit, and our interaction was very good and informative. They worked well with our insurance company and were very fair.When time came for the actual work to be done, the team arrived early that morning and got started. They had replaced the entire roof before sundown, so they were fast and efficient. Since then, we’ve recommended Four Seasons to at least one of our neighbors who’s needed some roofing work done. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

There was a small issue with the dryer vent cap on the roof (needed a bigger vent cap for ventilation) and Four Seasons was on site the next day to assess and correct. You definitely don't have to worry about this company not showing up after the job is complete to fix something. Wonderful customer service from Debbie, Heather and Vasili. The team at Four Seasons Roofing did a phenomenal job with my roof tear-off and replacement. It was a big job. I would highly recommend to family and friends. Their pricing was fair and honest.

I highly recommend Four Seasons Roofing! I routinely post about them when people ask for roofer recommendations. We had a history of roof leaks on our 50 year old Cape Cod, and had tried with three different companies to resolve the issues without success. After our roof was further damaged by a tree, we decided to replace the entire roof, but knew that there were underlying issues that needed to be addressed as well. Also, we knew we had issues with gutter placement, runoff, and pooling. I was upfront with 4 Seasons about my concerns and wanted to be sure they were up for following through till I was completely satisfied. They said they were, so on we went. I am here to tell you that I am not easy to please, and will not tolerate a less than completely professional job.

I just have to say this is the most professional business we have dealt with in many years. From the day I called Four Seasons Roofing to find out if they came to the eastern shore. When I explained I couldn't get anyone to show up just to give us a bid. I was told they would come here to give us a bid it's a 2 hour drive. Chris showed up as scheduled gave us a bid within a couple of weeks our roof is done. Debbie in the office was always so helpful with any questions we had. The day they did our roof they showed up on time and completed in one day. Alex was wonderful to work with. Ran into a few things unexpected that day, Alex explained and showed us what needed to be done before he did it. I could just go on and on about how great Four Seasons Roofing was to us and the beautiful job they did. I wish I had taken a picture of our roof before they started to show you the difference. I would highly recommend Four Seasons Roofing.

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