How old is my roof?

The age of the roof is sometimes determined by the amount of granules left on top of the shingle. The granules on top of the shingle are there to protect the waterproofing asphalt from UV rays. Once the shingle experiences major granule loss, the serviceable life of the roof is done. It’s very difficult to tell the age of a roof. A properly installed roof using high quality materials can look great even at 20 years of age, while a relatively new roof at 10 years can look bad due to low quality materials.

How many years do I have left on my old roof?

This is a question we get asked a lot but there is no standard answer that is always correct. Like many things in life there are variables. The best we can do is provide some guidelines to equip you with reasonable expectations.
Just to give you an idea of why this question can be tricky to answer, we’ve seen 11 year old roofs curling up like tortilla chips and leaking like a sieve. In contrast, we’ve seen roofs installed by the 80 year old homeowner 30 years ago that keep the home drier than the desert. Obviously, every roof and situation is different.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are often asked about our license and insurance which shows that many homeowners are both informed and concerned. They should be! Both are very important and you should ask for proof. A legitimate roofing contractor will not be the least bit offended. We also recommend you look at Google reviews for any company you are considering doing business with.
This is not just a matter of compliance with Maryland law, but your own personal protection.

Do architectural shingles add home value?

The short answer is yes. Architectural shingles offer more curb appeal to a home due to the desired look of a high end roof along with higher definition colors. Along with the curb appeal, Owens Corning architectural shingles offer a higher wind resistance than standard 3-tab or other architectural shingles and offer better protection in rough weather, which offers a longer roof lifespan.

How does your pricing work and what is the cost?

Cost is dependent on the house, such as how many stories you have. The higher the house is the more labor there is involved in getting up to the roof. Pitch is also a factor. How safe is it to walk on, is it on a big angle? How many layers needing to be removed factors into how long the job will take. Removing and replacing bad decking is also included in the cost of replacing a roof. We can sometimes estimate how much of the decking will need to be replaced when we walk the roof, but frequently we don’t know how much bad decking there is until the shingles are removed. Additionally, the square footage of your roof is very different than that of your home. A ranch style home will have more roof square footage than that of a two-story house.

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