High-grade resilient EPDM rubber roof only at Four Seasons Roofing!

EPDM rubber roof or Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is widely used in low-sloping buildings to render it a great protective cover. They are available in two colors primarily- black and white, and are used by homeowners across the country.

EPDM rubber roof

The best advantage of EPDM rubber roof is that it can be installed fully-adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached. The seams of the roofing system are sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape that is used by roofing contractors everywhere. At Four Seasons Roofing, we take special care to ensure that your long-term investment is well-paid off with the use of these high-end EPDM rubber roofs. Only if installed properly, you can safely assume the roofing material to last you for a long time. Being lightweight, this material does not need any additional reinforcements, making it a great choice for many residential owners. They are not only easy to install but require minimal maintenance over a period of time. If done with the help of professional roofing contractors, you can be rest assured that you building or apartment or condo is going to look absolutely gorgeous.

In case of a leak, the roof can be easily repaired, making your costs go down drastically. If you are looking at installing an EPDM rubber roof at your residence, Four Seasons Roofing is the company to do it for you. With excellent clientele in Maryland and surrounding areas, we bring only the best to your doorstep, always.

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