Everything you need to know about the cost of new roof.


cost of new roof

While the cost of new roof differs according to the material used as well as the size of the roof, the final amount can be anywhere from $5000 to $7000 on average. Roofs are perhaps the most essential parts of the house. Without the roof, the house is but four walls. Roofs protect us from adverse weather conditions and other dangers. While your painting job can wait till the next year, roofing cannot, at any cost.

While some leaks and damage can be fixed with minor repairs, anything more substantial needs complete roof replacement. The cost to replace roof decking also includes the tedious task of stripping away the old layers of roofing to make way for the new.

When choosing the right roofers for your job, it is important to not look only at the money. The low-end roofers often compromise on the quality of the materials used to compensate for a cheaper price. While the prices may look attractive at the beginning, they tend to get more expensive in the long run due to their poor durability.

The cost to replace slate roof with shingles is perhaps more than shingles of other synthetic materials. However, they are durable and give your house a modern and chic look. Four Seasons Roofing is well-equipped at handling virtually any type of roofing problem, be it a small leak or complete replacement. Moreover, with their free consultation and attractive price quotes, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Like your roof, we have got you covered!

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