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composite shingle roof

A composite shingle roof usually is made of asbestos shingles, slate, wood or even laminates. The mixture of these elements provides a superior quality that increases the longevity of composite roofs over other ordinary roofs. The mixture of materials introduces diversity to the roof, allowing it to withstand a number of adverse conditions.

While normal roofs have a warranty of anywhere from a decade to fifteen years, composition roofs easily last for thirty years, almost double that ordinary shingle roofs. Besides the added longevity, they also have some additional perks. A composite roof has enhanced UV protection ability that makes it ideal for areas that get a lot of Sun. This protection also prevents the degradation of the roof due to Sun damage. Composition roofs are also invulnerable to most fungi or moss, thus owing to better durability.

Four Seasons offers top-class composite shingle roof tiles that are light in weight, extremely durable and can give your house a revamped look. The tiles are available in customizable colors that offer greater flexibility and let you make the final decision on the aesthetics of your house. Roofing options offered by Four Seasons Roofing is ideal for diverse weather conditions and stands the test of even the most extreme weather. Besides all the above mentioned reasons, composition roofs are also environmentally friendly since most of the shingles are made from recyclable materials. This also makes them highly customizable.

Composite shingle roof is the most popular option among consumers in today’s market due to their overwhelming positive characteristics.

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