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Common Roof Diagram Terms

Deciding what you need for your roofing system can mean diving into the language of roofing components and terms used to determine measurements.

When you have a basic understanding of these common terms, you can answer any questions a roofing contractor asks you. This will help them to swiftly resolve your roofing issues.

Common Roof Diagram Terms

  • Square: This measurement determines the total area of the roof that requires new materials. One roof square equals 100 square feet, or an area that is 10 feet by 10 feet.
  • Slope: The slope of a roof is determined by measuring the amount that it rises for every foot of length. So, a roof with a “3-in-12 slope” rises about 3 inches for every foot.

These terms are commonly used by roofers. When you call for a consultation, you may be asked for these numbers.

If you’re not sure what the square or slope of your roof is, don’t worry! Your contractor can come out and give you an accurate number.

Common Roof Component Terms

  • Valley: A roof valley is formed when two downward sloping roof planes meet. It often requires metal flashing to protect against the rainwater that is usually funneled off the roof here.
  • Ridge: A ridge is the peak where two upward sloping roof planes meet.
  • Soffit: A soffit is the underside of a roof overhang, a flat area on the roof.
  • Roof deck: A roof deck is usually made of plywood and secured to the rafters. It serves as a base for all roofing materials.
  • Rafters: The wooden framing that holds up all the roofing materials is called the rafters.

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