Built-up roof

Do you need a new roof or planning to get one but don’t know where to go? Four Seasons Roofing has been providing roofing repairs, insulations, installations and maintenance for years. Not just that, we also provide creative ideas for you and your home! We are proud to say that we make sure every detail is followed and that our clients get exceptional roofing services. Four Seasons Roofing uses only high-quality materials to make sure your roof will stand the test of time and will last longer than you expected. You’ll never regret our services at Four Seasons!

Built-up roof

A Built-up roof is considered one of the most common roofing materials used on low-slope roofs. Now, what made this roofing extraordinary is that it is composed of alternating layers of fortified fabric and asphalt and has a finishing layer of aggregate, may it be gravel or stone. Typically, this kind of roof creates an endless sealed surface.

This type of roofing is considered one of the oldest types of roofing ever existed. The thing about this roof is that the material and its installation process are evolving time after time. Most built-up roof is composed of three parts: bitumen material, ply sheets and other surfacing materials. What differentiates this roofing to others is that it’s affordable, flexible and undoubtedly long-lasting. It will give your home a hot effect which is very helpful during winter and storms. Its life expectancy is between 30 to 40 years.

This kind of roofing is also one of the most referred roofing and is oftentimes comparable to asphalt, shingles and many more! Built-up roof is waterproof and has ultra-violet protection along with it. Which means, you and your family can enjoy and have a good time all you want without having to worry about the side-effects that it may bring. Not just that, this helpful roofing is also fire-resistant! Generally, built-up roof does not need a lot of maintenance and inspection, but it is important to make sure that your roof is healthy from time to time.

Same goes with all types of roofing, built-up roof also has damages to consider and it is essential to repair these damages as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof or to your home. But at Four Seasons Roofing, we won’t let that happen. We are always available 24/7 to listen and work on your roofing issues and concerns. We don’t just end their, we will keep in touch with you to observe if there are any other damages or adjustments that your roof will need. But most of the time, this kind of roof is generally durable and strong enough.

Built-up roof is very popular across the land, may it be residential or commercial usage, it is very cost-effective, its proven reliability is also one thing to consider.  It exhibits undebatable resistance to the conduction of heat in between the interior and exterior of the building or establishment which makes it one of the trusted roofing in the world! And of course, you should only trust your home to the number 1 roofing company in America, the Four Seasons Roofing. We will cater to your needs and demands with utmost professionalism. Expect that we will do our best to provide you with services safe enough for the entire family!

Compared to any other high-performance roofing systems, A built-up roof is considered as one of the best investments on the market due to its unexpected service life. When you hire Four Seasons Roofing, rest assured you’re getting a roof that completes your home for the long-term. Call us to find out how we can install a brand-new roof on your home from start to finish with minimal hassle and spectacular service.

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