Skylight Installation

Best Skylight Installation for a Flat Roof

A skylight window for a flat roof can bathe a room in sunshine, even when we’re in the depths of a Maryland winter. If you’re struggling with a low mood when summer comes to a close, a skylight could be your remedy.

Even though skylight windows for flat roofs are available, approach the project with caution. Punching a hole of any size into your roof can lead to leaks and other unsightly problems.

Here’s what we suggest as you shop.

3 Skylights for Flat Roofs

Pitched roofs with a steady slope are ideal for skylights, and most products are made for homes that follow this design. But there are three skylight windows for flat roofs you can consider.

Those three types include:

  1. Premade, flat skylights. Products like this are widely available in any home improvement store. Just watch the specifications. Most manufacturers require a slight pitch so water will drain off the glass instead of pooling. If you can’t meet those requirements, you must keep shopping.
  2. Sun tunnels. These products look like dinner plates propped up on your roofline. Sun enters the tunnel, is magnified by a mirror, and heads into a circle in your ceiling. You may also need to follow a manufacturer’s pitch guidelines while using these products.
  3. Custom solutions. A talented team could build a product just for your home, made to your specifications. Prepare to pay much more for a solution like this.

Shop carefully and thoroughly, and don’t make an impulse purchase. If you pick the wrong product, you may struggle to find installation.

Placement Factors Matter

The best skylight for a flat roof doesn’t cause hassles for you or your neighbors.

Install them on north-facing roofs, and ensure they get some summertime shading. These two steps can keep your windows from adding to your cooling bill. Also, ensure that your neighbors are aware of your plans if your skylight will stick up and block their view.

At Four Seasons Roofing, we can ensure your roof is ready for a skylight installation. And we can repair around a leaking skylight too. Contact us to find out more.

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