best roof material for a temperate climate


best roof material

While there are plenty of good materials for the roof, the best roof material differs according to your need. For instance, houses situated in colder regions require thatched roofs that do not allow the snow to accumulate and cause damage to the roof. Same thing goes for warmer climates as well. While most of us relate hot summers to air conditioners, we often underestimate the shape and importance of roof material. Roofing materials, as well as the color of the shingles, have a huge impact on the temperature in the house.

One of the best roof material to keep off the heat is to use slate tiles. Not only do they give a classic Goth look to your house but also help to keep it cooler. With a natural color, it gives your house an understated yet modern-chic look. The natural palette of the shingles reduces the absorption of heat, thereby keeping your house safe from the blazing summer heat. Clay has been an age-old material to keep things cool, from water to houses. The light color of the clay shingles wards off the heat from the sun.

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