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Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to get a Flat Roofing installed in your Commercial Building. It is good to have the best flat roof in your area but getting a flat roofing entails professional services from only professional roofers, and where else can you find them than at Four Seasons Roofing. A Flat Roof is a unique and efficient architectural design and it requires special care and maintenance only from the licensed roofers in a professional roofing firm. Be careful though because a lot of times you’ll hear people and companies claiming that they provide what you need but will only result to greater problems. Make sure to trust only the best!

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Four Seasons Roofing has it all, from giving the best estimates for free, to affordable prices for your roofing needs, including flat roof installation, repair and other concerns. To have the best flat roof installed in your commercial building, you cannot just rely the job to an unprofessional roofer. We have completed a number of repairs and installations on hundreds of flat roofs which made us the most experienced flat roofing installer in Baltimore. We serve any homeowners across Maryland looking for professional roofers to install their flat roofs and this is something we consider as our specialty job.

Call our hotline today and we will immediately send our Roof Inspection Specialist to determine the cost of installation or repair and the material options available for you. There are some flat roofing services which can be installed in both residential and commercial roofs while others are best suited for large commercial projects and each has its own advantages. To ensure that you get only the best flat roof installed in your commercial building or house, make sure to ask our Roof Inspection Specialist about the full range of treatment options available for your commercial building or residence. Below are the five common materials used for flat roofs:

Duro-Last: Duro-Last is considered the “world’s best roof”. To get the best flat roof for your commercial building, choose this custom-made roofing material that’s made from single-ply PVC material. It is long-lasting and requires a very low maintenance so you can just sit back and worry less. Duro-Last has been in the roofing business for 40 years. They sure know what they’re doing.

Duradek: If you have a roof deck, Duradek is the best choice of material to use for your roof. Duradek has been an industry leader in providing waterproof decks, including those that function as a roof, which provides a great place to relax while worrying less about the water coming through from the roof.

EPDM: Ehtylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is made of synthetic rubber and available in both white and black. You can choose any of the two depending on your preference. This type of flat roof material is extremely durable that can make it last for years, leak resistant because the rubber expands as temperature of the roof changes and the adhesives keep it bound tightly to the roof. This material ensures that you get only the best flat roof that you deserve.

TPO: Thermoplastic Olefin is a more economical flat roof solution that is equally durable like the rest of the other flat roof options. This is very economical, cheaper to install compared to others and energy efficient that can help you save on electricity costs every month. You have several color options that you can match in your home.

Torch Down: Torch Down is installed using torches, as the name implies. This type of rubber roofing material is perfect for the Maryland weather because the rubber will expand and contracts as needed to keep every crack in your roof tightly sealed. This also helps avoid potential problems due to leakage.

Have you chosen which of the materials you want to install in order to get the best flat roof for your commercial building? Talk to our specialist now! They will be willing to give you free estimates of your housing needs and professional advices on which material to choose. Dial the number now!

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