Types of Attic Insulation

3 Types of Attic Insulation

The good news is that there are a number of types of insulation for your attic. With a little assistance, it can be easy to find the best type of attic insulation for your attic.

To start, you just need basic information about some of the types of insulation available for your attic. Then, you can reach out to a contractor and specify exactly what you want and why.

Blanket Insulation for Attics

Blanket insulation is a great all-around insulation that is effective for attics and unfinished walls (including foundation walls) and floors.

If you are putting insulation in your entire house, it could benefit your bottom line to buy enough blanket insulation for the attic as well as any other areas that need it.

Blanket installation is made of fiberglass, minerals, and plastic and/or natural fibers. It is fitted between studs, beams, and joists in the attic.

Loose Fill Blown-In Attic Insulation

For unfinished attics, loose blown-in insulation is a great choice. Made from cellulose, fiberglass, and/or minerals, it can be blown into position and, in some cases, poured into place with special equipment.

If your attic is irregular in shape, unfinished, or a portion of the attic is finished and you need to insulate an add-on, blown-in insulation is a great choice.

Sprayed Foam Insulation for Attics

Sprayed foam insulation is the perfect choice for attic floors and enclosed existing walls or new open wall cavities. It is installed using small spray containers or a pressure sprayer. It is great for oddly shaped attics that require you to install installation around obstructions.

What Type of Attic Insulation Is Right for Your House?

If you are ready to get started on the process of installing attic insulation in your home, reach out to Four Seasons Roofing today and schedule a consultation.

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