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    Four Seasons Roofing is your resource for Baltimore skylights and custom skylights throughout Maryland. We are a certified dealer of the Velux “no leak skylight” - the very best skylight in the industry. Skylights aren’t just pleasing to look at, they capture the attention of guests and save you hundreds on your energy costs every year. Understanding why skylights are more than just a flashy feature will help you decide where and how they can benefit your home.

    Ask our team about skylights today and we’ll schedule a time for one of our Home Care Specialists to visit you free of charge and discuss the benefits and options you have for a skylight in your residence.

    Skylights produce the best lighting known to man: natural lighting. Having the direct sun enter your home will highlight the true colors of your furniture, artwork, paint colors and even make for the perfect photo lighting. No yellow or blue casts from faulty lighting when there’s a skylight. Plus natural sunlight has been proven to boost your mood and just make you feel better.

    Skylights can also lower A/C costs by drawing in fresh, cool air from the outdoors with a skylight screen, lowering your dependency on central air conditioning.

    Skylights provide light and privacy by giving you a view of the sky instead of your neighbors yard. This is why skylights are popular choices in bathrooms where you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight without worrying if anyone if peeking into your room through an open window.

    Skylights provide improved lighting control with optional blinds. Four Seasons carries Velux skylights, which feature a touch screen remote that homeowners use to program the times their skylight blinds open and close, or even to filter in light over the course of the day as you see fit.

    Skylights improve eyesight by giving residents balanced filtered light that is beneficial for all ages and recommended for adults as they age to preserve eyesight.

    Skylights save wall space for more important things like storage, cabinets, decorations and more. Moving your lighting source up can allow you to use your wall space anyway you like without a window inhibiting your design.

    You can enjoy skylights in one area of your home or throughout. Skylights are used in kitchens, bathrooms, great rooms, bedrooms, hallways, lofts and more. Anyplace that would benefit from natural lighting, fresh air and a “wow factor” is a great place for a skylight.

    Velux skylights are wonderful options because they come equipped with rain sensors that close as the first sight of rain, so you never have to worry about rain falling through your skylight. Skylights are also great choices for bonus rooms and attics that are uniquely shaped and don’t always possess the wall space for a traditional window. Your lighting doesn’t have to suffer when you opt for a skylight instead.

    Velux makes some of the most coveted roof windows, skylights and more in the industry. Our team is experienced in installing and maintaining these state-of-the-art windows that your entire family will love. Invest in the value of your home and your personal enjoyment with one of these quiet, safe windows that come protected by the Velux warranty.

    The Four Seasons Roofing staff is trained to repair or perform maintenance on your older skylights as well and can provide information on upgrading your current roof windows. The possibilities are endless with a skylight installed by Four Seasons Roofing.

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